In 2015 I sustained a life-changing fall because of snowy sidewalk negligence on behalf of a retail merchant. In addition to the new burden of intense pain, I soon was overwhelmed with a blizzard of health paperwork such as ambulance, doctor and emergency room bills. I was to a point of going under from pain, plus stress. A friend had engaged Alan Pepicelli after her accident and heartily recommended him. I called and made an appointment. Little did I know at the time that my life had now taken a turn for the better! Alan listened with obvious care as I poured my pain and frustration onto his desk. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was the aid I needed. I engaged him as my counselor, leaving his office in a new cloud of relief. The blizzard of paperwork now rested on his desk--not mine! While he promised nothing, Alan began to guide my case with such obviously skilled legal expertise that my case progressed toward its excellent fruition, and I shall be eternally grateful at having found Alan Pepicelli.

Excellent: always answered my calls. Available and attentive. Super, super knowledgeable attorney. Highly recommended!! Free consult. Excellent staff. – Geneva 

Alan was very helpful at explaining my rights as a victim . I believe he was fair and honest seeking compensation for my injury.
-- Anonymous 

We hired Alan Pepicelli for an auto accident that I was involved in. He and his office were wonderful during the process, making sure we were involved and notified of everything that was going on. I would recommend Alan to anyone looking for a Lawyer.Anonymous 

First of all when I had my accident. He came right to the nursing home where I was. He was very polite and very easy to talk to. He took my case and did a wonderful job. It was so very hard for me and he made it much easier. He won my case for me and I appreciate his hard work every day
. – Lois 

Alan did an exceptional job in settling my truck accident claim against two different auto insurance company's. Alan is smart, tough, understanding and never stops working for his client. I know am one and very pleased with the results.Jeffrey

I was in a very difficult situation and was told by a few attorneys that they could not help me and it was they didn't want to bother because it was a difficult case.
Alan Pepicelli was not afraid to take on a challenge. He worked hard and was very upfront and honest with me. 
Let's just said that his hard work paid off and he is extremely forthwith with you and his staff is excellent. 
He is an outstanding community member and has high standards. 
I would definitely recommend Attorney Alan Pepicelli for any legal needs you may have that is in his field. Whether you win or lose, you should know he will work extremely hard for all his clients because you are important as a person and not just a client to him!

I was in a car accident with my family. most of us had injuries. Alan directed us as to how to make claims, what to get from the Drs., What records to keep, as well as became our friend. As a result we received monies from the other insurance company and then from the State insurance. It took a while but Alan kept in touch with us and keep working with sending in reports etc. so that we received likely the maximum we could. Even the kids with their minor injuries now have a savings account with a little money in that they will be able to access after they turn 18. If I am ever in a situation like this again I will be calling Alan to represent me. Because of how he handled the situation we did not have to go to court to fight to get our money. – Sue

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